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On page 845 he says ” When we speak of the value of a word, we generally think first of its property of standing for an idea, and this is in face one side of lingusitic value.” I agree, because when you interpret a word like gold for example you negate the other metals like silver and titanium. Gold stands for a idea or significance of wealth, but on the flipside its just a metal like the rest but we give it a certain value. The gold its self isn’t anything, its just physically a metal but in reality its more then a metal its signification is worth something. It’s like a word means a certain thing because we as humans give it its’ meaning or value. A pretty good example is when prof. ferg said about “money” (dollar bill) being just a linin paper but its more then just that it holds a value in society and we can purchase things with just that linin paper. This applies to poems as well its just not a ryhme but has a hidden meaning behind it. its like a puzzle we have to figure out.


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